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Lego’s Not so Awesome Social Stumble

July 30, 20140 Comments

After the release of the Lego Movie, most of us thought the company that brought us the amazing construction brick could do no wrong. And that is usually when things start going south. Or in this case, North. This remarkable story started a few years ago when Lego, a dying brand, hired a young engineer/businessman […]

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Charles Schwab’s Clever Video Call to Action

July 9, 20140 Comments

In this digital era, it’s all about call to actions and conversions. But there are still many products that are too complex to illicit quick conversions. The financial industry sells many such products and is now exploring less obvious ways to convert prospects. For example, Charles Schwab recently launched a new campaign calling on people […]

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How one Pharma Established its Brand early on YouTube

June 24, 20140 Comments

Johnson and Johnson often lives up to its reputation of leader in the pharmaceutical industry. And in 2008, as it did many times before, JNJ innovated again by launching one of the first YouTube channels in the industry, and certainly the most active one. This became an example many others, including me, tried to emulate […]

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Walmart Image Campaign Misses Target on YouTube

April 21, 20140 Comments

Larger companies often have the greatest difficulty integrating social media into their communication strategies. And Walmart is not exception. Like most companies, the largest retailer in the world wants to be present on the biggest social video platform in the world, but it doesn’t understand what it should be doing there. A YouTube Channel Rebranded […]

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UN Assembles Hybrid Video Content Distribution Strategy

April 11, 20140 Comments

YouTube is often thought of as the best tool for sharing video communication and marketing but there are many reason why this is not always the case. In this post, I am going to share one example that illustrates some of the factors social video strategists need to consider prior to launching or evolving their […]

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11 New Year Resolutions for Video Marketers

January 8, 20140 Comments

Forget 2014 predictions that won’t pan out! In this post, I will focus on a few actionable New Year resolutions that I think all Video Producers and Marketers should follow. 1. Be creative If it’s easy and your creative took an hour to drum up, you are not providing value to your clients. Instead, do […]

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Report Sheds Light on State of Video Marketing

December 26, 20132 Comments

A recent report written and published by the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media and co-sponsored by ReelSEO is painting a picture of a growing online video world that has plenty of room to grow and mature. The composition of the survey respondents gives an idea of the market segment targeted by the surveyors: 56.4% of the 600 survey respondents […]

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Red Bull Morning Donut Video Snooze

December 11, 20130 Comments

What happens when an extreme sports brand and a Luxury Hotel brand decide to create a brand video together? Look for yourself, but be forewarned, pretty does not mean successful! The video starts with a fairly stereotypical series of shots to set-up the premise of the story. We are in a world of extremes: extreme […]

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Coca Cola Superhero Thwarts Scary Halloween Plot

December 11, 20130 Comments

Pepsi recently learned that trying too hard to make fun of their main competitor can quickly backfire. To celebrate Halloween, they issued an ad with the following copy: “We Wish You a Scary Halloween.” In the picture a Pepsi can is depicted carrying a red Coca Cola cape. In other words, Pepsi is inferring that […]

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Apple’s AirPlay is the Future of TV

June 25, 20121 Comment

Little attention has been given to AirPlay since its September 2010 launch because Apple put more emphasis on marketing its key products like the iPhone and the iPad. But if you read about or play around with AirPlay, you will get a glimpse of Apple’s long-term TV strategy. AirPlay is embedded in the Apple ecosystem and […]

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